Internal Audits Need to Include These Four Key Categories:


Review the expectations and communications style among employees in terms of timeliness, accuracy, transparency, relevance,

Review the expectations and communications style among employees in terms of timeliness, accuracy, transparency, relevance, even-handedness in covering the bad/good, upward communication opportunities, e.g. how is difficult news handled? Is management perceived as credible and trustworthy? and the like? Are employees receiving too much, too little or about the right amount of information through different types of channels and overall?

Content Relevancy

How interested are employees in various topics? How well informed do they feel about them? For each of those topics, where do they currently learn about them? Where would they prefer to learn about them? Provide employees compelling content options to choose from, since they don’t always know what they want in terms of company and industry information. Even at the same company over time, changes are made in communication campaigns and channels.

Information Channels

Audit regularly the channels of information to assess relevancy, credibility, speed, timeliness, cost and business impact. Review how many employees have access to different channels and how useful is the information. Assess frequency and convenience, factor face-to-face channels to learn how well supervisors and senior leaders demonstrate their communication skills. For other channels, consider the length, tone, graphics, navigation, and for potential new tools, be certain employees will use them.

Call To Action

Determine the action(s) that occur as a result of the communication. Were employees motivated to change behavior, perform an action and think differently about the company? Outcomes if given the proper consideration can be understood with an internal communication audit.

Carla Ernst, CarlaAnne Communications

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About CarlaAnne Communications, LLC

Inspired by the intrinsic value of Arthur W. Page’s quote, “A company’s true character is expressed by its people,” Carla helps organizations build high-performance internal cultures of commitment through compelling, research-based strategic communications that drive the right behaviors and achieve desired business performance, particularly during organizational change. She translates business strategy into communications that employees can readily understand, appreciate, identify with and ultimately act upon using several unique and proven tools, such as her Employee Engagement Framework™. As a tested source of leadership, her expertise is in consumer products, B2B, healthcare, fashion and not-for-profit development communications. She is known for her unique approach by: Finding common ground among diverse constituents Building differentiated, credible and market-relevant internal brands Bestowing a positive and energetic spirit through behavior and communications Communicating joy, happiness and insight through words and music Carla builds honest and transparent communications through principles of giving and caring. She is about sharing a positive and energetic spirit with others and leaving people we touch in a better place. Carla has worked for industry leaders such as the AICPA, Capital One, Caterpillar, CEMEX, ConAgra Foods, Delphi Corporation, Eisai Pharmaceuticals, Fisher-Price, Gap, Gateway Computers, GE Capital, GE Healthcare, Harley-Davidson, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg’s, Kraft Foods, Lehman Brothers, Marcus Corporation, Nationwide Insurance, Overnite Transportation, Oxford Health Plans, Pfizer, Swiss Air, Tiffany & Co., Toyota, Unilever, UPS and Wal-Mart Canada. Carla has served in senior positions at GTE (Verizon), Johnson & Johnson, Hill & Knowlton and Burson-Marsteller. Carla is a member and speaker at the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and National Association of Female Executives (NAFE). She has served on the boards for several community service and cultural organizations such as the Pro Arte Singers, and serves as volunteer internal communications leader with Common Ground of SE Wisconsin and EWI (Executive Women International). Carla has produced several films for PBS, including award-winning projects such as A&E’s To Dance for Gold, Portrait of a Profession for the ADA, and “First Born” for PBS. She also is an ASCAP film and television composer, having penned numerous jingles for leading brands such as McDonald’s, Kellogg’s and Kraft Foods, scored themes for CBS, NBC, Sesame Street and PBS films. For fun – Carla sails and races in the SONAR racing boat class, with wins in several North American Regattas on Long Island Sound and in the Great Lakes. She’s a member of the Noroton Yacht Club in Darien Connecticut, and has sailed with the Chicago Yacht Club on several Mackinac races. When not sailing, she can be found locating and chasing her escaping American Foxhound Louie Ernst during frequent romps across much of of rural America.

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