3. Our Services

We bring employee engagement and internal communications programs to life through:

  • Internal Brand Assessment (interviews, research, communications review)*
  • Internal Brand Development (differentiation, credibility, business relevance)
  • Channel Assessment (messaging, frequency, reach, channelization)
  • Employee Behavioral Change (personal values, transformation, aspirational branding)
  • Informal Communications (face-to-face, supervisor, team meeting assessment )
  • Internal and Management Communication Campaigns
  • Digital Media Communications (intranet, internal social media, crowd sourcing)
  • Editorial (speech writing, brochures, training manuals, orientation and retention)
  • Business Events (motivational, management and town-hall meetings)
  • Training (coaching, presentation, across all levels)
  • Visual Communications (design and production – video, digital and print)

*Internal Brand Assessment Details – Our employee research discovers the right solutions and leverages the results to move businesses forward. We provide important insights, supporting employee engagement or impacting organizational change. Our research offers a vast understanding of business problems, from making business change such as mergers and acquisitions more successful and finding ways to make operations more effective, to understanding people. We create actionable research that links employees’ attitudes to business metrics, whether financial, operational or cultural – research that helps your business realize its full potential.

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