4. Selected Success Stories

Harley-Davidson – When the company identified online customization as key growth initiative, developed and led dealer campaign Fueling the Passion for Freedom, an innovative way to customize motorcycles online, helping customers personalize their experience earlier in their motorcycle journey. Featured brand assessment, business goals translated into strategic communications plan used by multiple disciplines (advertising, PR, training, direct marketing, POP for stores, social media, print, video, trade shows, slide shows and Web). Managed team of freelancers, agencies and consultants, wrote content for dealer network, employee intranet and Company website. Program resulted in today’s successful global customization process H-D 1.

GE Healthcare – After the business was reorganized into six global units, 1) developed, led and managed comprehensive Americas communications program including business assessment, program development, project scheduling, team and agency management, budget management; 2) launched corporate-wide Developing Health philanthropic visibility program led with full-scale media event; 3) led branding, advertising and PR for Performance Solutions unit, now a leading global business that helps top healthcare systems improve operational and clinical performance through a combination of consulting, technology and analytics.

Wal-Mart Canada – Commissioned by C-suite to attract / retain quality employees during shift to “supercenter” strategy (fresh food) with aggressive growth initiative, and at the same time, improve individual associates and store performance. Over first 60 days conducted internal brand research, identified potential improvement areas, assembled implementation team, wrote strategic plan and led full-scale national communications initiative – Make the Difference recruitment ad / PR / digital media campaign (fact sheets, collateral, brand ambassadors, supervisor training, “Day One” launch event, town-hall meetings, onboarding materials, etc.). Efforts enabled aggressive recruiting goals, improved retention rates by 23.4%, improved individual store profitability 18%, and solidified ranking as one of Canada’s Top 50 Employers. The program is now extended into most stores globally and into its CSR efforts, community programs and corporate reputation communications.

Kraft Foods – After launching the  Kraft Interactive Kitchen, Kraft’s initial Web offering and first initiative that helped to integrate the General Foods brands under one unified brand, the Company needed to renew its mission for the 21st century. It also needed a new identity that would engage and motivate all employees worldwide. We developed a sophisticated social media strategy, starting by inviting 7,000 of Kraft’s top management to the online community, with the task of “co-creating” the future vision of the company. The community was a microcosm of the organization as a whole – reflecting gender, location and age. It resulted in a “co-created” mission, vision and values signed off in under four months, and insured buy-in across the organization, generating thousands of ambassadors with a vested interest in promoting and realizing the new Company vision. It de-risked change by providing a mission that emerged from within the organization. The crowd-sourced social media community offered insight into how to achieve change at the grass roots, and informed Kraft’s implementation strategy. http://www.kraftrecipes.com/home.aspx

DePuy – part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies – DePuy today is the global leader in providing healthcare solutions in orthopaedics, spinal care, sports medicine and neurosciences. Previously, the franchise consisted of six disparate companies, not aligned or connected. To better leverage these global businesses, we developed a global brand, adverting and employee engagement / internal communications program. Starting with a global internal and external brand audit, we worked to provide an integrated consumer and professional global franchise leading to today’s branding, supporting the company’s believe that movement is the very foundation of wellness and a fulfilling life. As part of this year-long effort, we wrote management speeches / presentations, global employee news articles for intranet distribution, and produced town-hall presentations and meetings.

DePuy Today – Global Intranet Portal

Ultimately we created the global intranet portal DePuy Today, enabling the six DePuy global businesses to unite and achieve cohesiveness as one global franchise with four key customer-facing business units. We also managed and wrote all internal publications and intranet content; linked with the Johnson & Johnson Corporate portal, resulting in an industry ranking moving from third to first ranking.

Overnite Transportation (UPS Freight) – Then the sixth largest transportation (LTL) company in the United States, Overnite Transportation was faced with an attempt by organized labor to unionize its work force. We developed an extensive employee communications program to thwart this effort, a key component of which was an immediate research effort into understanding the employee culture of the company. It was discovered that workers at all levels had overwhelming pride in their status as Overnite employees. Creating the theme e3titled the “Spirit of Overnite,” we created a campaign kicked off by a compelling “slice of life” documentary employee video, followed by media training, media materials development, extensive U.S. senior management service center tours and ongoing internal communications – both informal and formal communications including town-hall meetings, supervisor training and intranet messaging. We also developed a new external web site for service center distribution, with virtual service-center sourcing, plus wrote and produced supportive print collateral materials that helped to spur on company growth – ultimately to be the most profitable freight logistics shipper in the industry. This was followed by a second wave of comprehensive internal and external communications program called “Our People Make the Difference” leveraging the high level of employee engagement. This was kicked off with a new highly motivational video by the same name. (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2r5KUloX_Q). Overnite grew to be the second largest freight company, paving the way to a successful integration into UPS, which today is UPS Freight.

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