6. Selected Videos

We provide full-service digital media, crowd sourcing / co-creation, video, music and television development ranging from internal motivation to full-scale television program development. We have produced several successful films for PBS such as “Portrait of a Profession” for the ADA, “First Born” for Gerber Foods, and the award-winning “To Dance for Gold,” featuring the International Ballet Competition setting the stage and legacy for the world’s premiere ballet competition.

Overnite Transportation – the sixth largest transportation (LTL) company in the United States was faced with an attempt by organized labor to unionize its work force. We developed an extensive employee communications program to thwart this effort, a key component of which was an immediate research effort into understanding the employee culture of the company. It was discovered that workers at all levels had overwhelming pride in their status as Overnight employees. Using this universal theme, the “Spirit of Overnite” campaign was created using a specifically tailored “slice of life” video, media training, dynamic senior management site tours and Q&A documents. Also developed a new web site for service center distribution, with virtual service center sourcing, plus wrote and produced supportive print collateral materials; helped to spur on growth as most profitable freight logistics shipper in the industry by developing a comprehensive internal and external communications program called “Our People Make the Difference.” By stemming the attempt to unionize its employees, Overnite grew to be the second largest freight company and most profitable shipper in the industry, and is now UPS Freight.

Please take a look at the this clip from “Our People Make the Difference” motivational video series, with original song, which is also being used on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Channel 16 as the soundtrack for driver’s safety and information.

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